One of a kind. 

So for a while now my 2 year old daughter Mia has been using pull ups (mostly because she would pull the straps off the regular diapers and then run around naked) and I’ve been contemplating and researching how to go about potty training her. I tried a couple of different methods I saw on Pinterest and ways that worked for other moms. I tried having her sit on the potty while I used the bathroom. Nothing but screams and tantrums. I tried bribing her with toys. NADA. I even tried having her watch potty training videos since all she seems to wanna do is be on her iPad. STILL NOTHING!

Now on a few occasions I have gotten her to go #2 on the toilet but only after fighting with her because she couldn’t go on her own. Well about a week or so, after seeing my 3yr old nephew run to the bathroom, she ran back to me and told me she wanted to use it too. I jumped off my seat and ran to go sit her on the toilet. & guess what…SHE ACTUALLY WENT #2! I was so excited I screamed and hugged her with watery eyes. Yes, I’m “that mom” and I’m damn proud to admit it haha.

The next morning same thing happened, she saw Daniel go pee and she went to grab me so I can sit her on the toilet. The following day? She continued on her 3 day streak, she told me she had to go pee again. So here we are sprinting upstairs to get her on the potty. I pull her diaper down, sit her on the toilet and I wait….I waited for what felt like minutes and then it happened, I heard the tinkle on the toilet! I cried again. Lol. Now i don’t always cry every time she reaches a major milestone, okay I’m lying I kinda do. I’ve been such a crybaby ever since she was born *insert laughing emoji* but my point is it took me months and months of fighting with my 2 year and I couldn’t get her to use the potty so I just stopped pushing her to do it. After seeing my nephew go by himself these past months SHE CAME TO ME all on her own and told me she was ready. The next morning, day 04, after her bath she even told me she wanted undies instead of her pull ups! At that moment it hit me…

As moms, especially young and single ones, we try soooo hard to be perfect. We want to do everything “the right way” so we obsess over all the baby books that are supposed to teach us how to handle motherhood. We seek advice from our more experienced mommy friends, the ones who’s kids have already mastered the milestone we’re so eagerly trying to conquer. We basically try anything & everything! The truth is, there is no right way. Every baby is different. Every mom is different. Just because it worked a certain way for your friends doesn’t mean it has to work that way for you. All that time that i spent pushing, actually forcing, Mia to start using the potty i should’ve used it in a million other ways.


I remember her being a newborn and every day after she was born I would get sad when she’d do something new. I wanted her to stay little forever. But the more she learned to do the happier it made me & before I knew it I was hoping she’d grow faster! She’s 2 years, 6 months and 13 days old today. She’s not all the way potty trained, she speaks a mixture between English, Spanish and babble and she just completely learned how to balance like yesterday lol (I’m joking). 

My point is I’ve learned that rushing my child isn’t what I wanna do. Of course I want her to be on track with other kids her age but more importantly I want her to do it when she’s ready. I want to enjoy her being little for as long as I can & if that means letting her pick and chose when she wants to use the potty then so be it. I wanna have a toddler for as long as I can because from the looks of it she’ll be a teenager by her next birthday! 


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